Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17604 on 03/03/2003, Section 15-50 read as follows.

    In case the municipal judge is absent or unable to serve, the council may, by resolution, select qualified attorneys as associate municipal judges to act during such absence or disability of the municipal judge, and may provide reasonable compensation for such service.

    (a)    There shall be at least three (3) associate municipal judges to hear and decide cases in the City of Columbia municipal division of the circuit court.  An associate municipal judge shall act as municipal judge when the municipal judge is absent, disabled or disqualified.  Associate municipal judges shall also hear and decide cases assigned to them by the municipal judge.

    (b)    Associate municipal judges shall be licensed to practice law in Missouri for at least three (3) years prior to appointment and shall be residents of Missouri.

    (c)    The city council shall appoint associate municipal judges, by resolution, to terms of no more than four years.  The resolution appointing an associate municipal judge shall specify the length of the judge’s term of office.  The city council, by resolution, may remove any associate municipal judge from office.

    (d)    Compensation for associate municipal judges shall be determined under the rules and procedures set forth in chapter 19 of this code.

    State law reference(s)--Procedure in absence of judge, RSMo. § 479.230.