Section 16-301 Definitions and rules of construction.

        The following definitions apply to this division:

"Nuisance party" is a social gathering of ten or more people on residential property that results in any of the following occurring at the site of the gathering, on neighboring property or on an adjacent public street:

(1)    Unlawful sale, furnishing, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages;

(2)    Violation of any of the provisions of Article III of this chapter (noise);

(3)    Fighting;

(4)    Property damage;

(5)    Littering;

(6)    Outdoor urination or defecation in a place open to public view;

(7)    The standing or parking of vehicles in a manner that obstructs the free flow of traffic;

(8)    Conduct that threatens injury to persons or damage to property;

(9)    Unlawful use or possession of marijuana or any drug or controlled substance;

         (10)    Trespassing;

         (11)    Indecent exposure ;  

         (12)    Setting off fireworks; or

(13)    Discharging firearms.

"Permit" means to give permission to; or to allow by silent consent, by not prohibiting, or by failing to exercise control.

(Ord. No. 19287, §1, 11-6-06; Ord. No. 20496, § 1, 12-7-09)

(Ord. 20496, Amended, 12/07/2009, Prior Text; 19287, Added, 11/06/2006)