Section 16-81 Voluntary act.

    (a) A "voluntary act" is:

    (1)    A bodily movement performed while conscious as a result of effort or determination; or

    (2)    An omission to perform an act of which the actor is physically capable.

    (b) A person is not guilty of an offense unless his liability is based on conduct which includes a voluntary act.

    (c) Possession is a voluntary act if the possessor knowingly procures or receives the thing possessed, or having acquired control of it was aware of his control for a sufficient time to have enabled him to dispose of it or terminate his control.

    (d) A person is not guilty of an offense based solely upon an omission to perform an act unless the law defining the offense expressly so provides, or a duty to perform the omitted act is otherwise imposed by law.

(Code 1964, § 7.545(1), (3), (4))

     State law reference(s)--Similar provisions, RSMo. § 562.011.