Section 18-111 Applications for benefits.

    (a)    Applications for benefits to be paid from the retirement fund must be made upon the forms provided by the administrator and contain full information from which the board may determine the eligibility of the applicant. If such application be founded upon disability, full information concerning the nature and extent of the injury must be furnished with the application, and the applicant must likewise submit to examination by a physician designated by the administrator. The administrator may hold hearings and take and preserve evidence touching the nature and extent of injuries upon which claims for benefits on account of disability are claimed, and may thereafter approve or deny such application.

    (b)    No more than one (1) monthly payment shall be made at any time; no payment shall be made more than ten (10) days in advance of the period to which it applies. This provision shall not prevent the lump sum settlement of past liability for benefits.

    (c)    Any claimant denied benefits by a decision of the administrator, or any claimant or covered firefighter employee otherwise aggrieved by any decision of the administrator, may appeal such decision to the firefighters' retirement board. Such appeal must be in writing and filed within ten (10) days of the date of the administrator's decision. The board shall hold a hearing, take evidence and render a written decision including findings of fact and conclusions of law. Such decision shall be appealable by any person aggrieved by any decision of the firefighters' retirement board or by the administrator under the provisions of the Missouri Administrative Procedure Act.

(Ord. No. 21455, § 1, 9-17-12)

(Ord. 21455, Added, 09/17/2012)