Prior to the adoption of Ord. 018160 on 07/06/2004, Section 18-18 read as follows.

    For so long as this plan shall be maintained, it shall be the duty and obligation of the city council to provide funds in an amount necessary to maintain the retirement funds at that level which according to actuarial evaluation is necessary to make the fund financially sound. Nothing in this article shall be deemed to alter or amend any benefit accruing under an application made prior to the effective date hereof under the provisions of the police and firemen's retirement fund, herein referred to as past fund. Prior to the effective date of the amendment, the finance director is hereby instructed to obtain a certified copy of the provisions of Article III, Chapter 9 of the 1964 City Code and Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances governing the past fund, the police and firemen's retirement fund. Such a copy is to be maintained in the finance director's office and will govern all appeals and requests with respect to the past fund.The city council shall provide the necessary funds to make the police retirement plan and the firefighters’ retirement plan actuarially and financially sound for as long as the plans are maintained.

(Code 1964, § 9.1650; Ord. No. 12868, § 1, 2-4-91)