Section 18-91 Sunset provisions.

    (a)    No covered employee may elect to participate in the DROP after one hundred twenty (120) consecutive months following the effective date of the DROP.

    (b)    A DROP member shall cease participation in the DROP and shall cease accruing any benefits under the DROP at the end of his or her participation period provided for in Section 18-87(a).

    (c)    The effective date of the DROP under this Division 4 shall be August 20, 2007.

(Ord. No. 19636, § 1, 8-20-07 1; Ord. No. 21405, § 1, 8-20-12)

(Ord. 21405, Amended, 08/20/2012, Prior Text; Ord. 19636, Added, 08/20/2007)