Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20767 on 09/20/2010, Section 19-100 read as follows.

    (a)     Budgeted full-time permanent employees who normally work eight (8) hours per day with a half hour lunch break and are normally assigned to consume lunch in the field shall be allowed a job site meal compensation of twenty cents ($0.20) per hour in addition to their regular pay.

    (b) Eligible employees whose job does not normally require them to eat lunch in the field (but are assigned to do so fewer than ninety (90) days per year) shall be reimbursed two dollars twenty-five cents ($2.25) for each day so assigned.

    (c)    Eligible fire department employees on a fifty-six (56) hour week schedule shall be allowed thirteen dollars ($13.00) per day for meal reimbursements for days actually worked. Eligible airport fire/safety officers on a sixteen (16) hour shift assignment shall be allowed eight dollars and sixty-six cents ($8.66) per day for meal allowance for days actually worked.

    (d)    Except as otherwise indicated, an employee shall be allowed a maximum reimbursement of ten dollars ($10.00) for a meal after having worked a continuous two (2) hours in excess of the employee's regular eight-hour shift of at least eight (8) hours without time off for meals. An additional maximum meal reimbursement of ten dollars ($10.00) will be allowed for every five (5) consecutive hours worked thereafter. Time for the meal shall not exceed thirty (30) minutes, will be counted as working time, and will be at a place designated by the supervisor. Individuals on continuous ten-, twelve-, sixteen- or twenty-four-hour shift assignments shall be exempt from this provision.

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