Prior to the adoption of Ord. 18254 on 09/20/2004, Section 19-158 read as follows.

    When a vacancy shall occur exists in a position and the department head is not prepared which, from the standpoint of the city's business, cannot be left vacant for any but the shortest time and when no suitable list of certified candidates exists for selection, or for some other reason it is not feasible to make a permanent appointment to fill the position thereto, the department head may appoint an employee to fill the position on a temporary basis in an acting capacity. The duration of such an appointment shall be only until a permanent appointment subject to standard procedures can be made and shall not exceed six (6) months without written authorization of the city manager.  The employee shall be paid at the minimum rate of pay for the position or five percent (5%) more than the employee’s current rate of pay, whichever is higher. The employee may be paid at a higher rate of pay with the written authorization of the city manager.

(Code 1964, § 22.810)