Section 19-161 Applicant screening process.

    (a) The screening process of applicants shall include one or any combination of the following as determined by the director, in consultation with the department head:

    (1)    Oral interviews;

    (2)    Evaluation of experience;

    (3)    Education and training;

    (4)    Reference checks;

    (5)    Written examinations;

    (6)    Performance evaluations;

    (7)    Medical examinations;

    (8)    Intelligence tests;

    (9)    Psychological evaluations;

    (10)    Background investigations;

    (11)    Physical agility/dexterity tests;

    (12)    Other measures as the need arises.

    (b) Reasonable measures shall be taken by the director to establish the reliability and validity of the various screening processes.

(Code 1964, § 22.825)