Prior to the adoption of 15754 on 09/21/1998, Section 19-162 read as follows.

    (a) While not compulsory, department heads may request that a promotional examination consisting of one or more formal procedures listed in section 19-161, be held to determine more formally the best-qualified present employees who may be contenders for a position. However, for each vacancy, the department head may at his/her discretion promote a permanent present city employee in his/her department who meets the following considerations:

    (1)    Meets the minimum qualifications for the classification as shown in the current announcement for that position.

    (2)    Is a current paid employee with at least a satisfactory performance work record; and has been certified as eligible for promotion by the personnel office.

    (3)    Ranks as one of the certified candidates if a promotional examination is given.

    (4)    Has requested promotion into the vacancy in question.

    (b) Qualified individuals requesting interdepartmental promotions must compete with outside candidates unless the proposed promotion meets the full approval of both department heads, the director, and is in conformity with the city's EEO affirmative action program. The personnel office shall keep a list of the city employees who have requested promotion in response to a formal announcement and shall certify the names of those individuals qualified for and interested in the vacancy in question if so requested by the department head.

(Code 1964, § 22.830)