Prior to the adoption of Ord. 18710 on 09/19/2005, Section 19-164 read as follows.

    (a) A department head may fill a vacant employee position by accepting the transfer of a current city employee to that position. Before being eligible for transfer to an open position the employee must:

    (1)    Have at least the minimum qualifications for the open position; and

    (2)    Make a request to the human resources department for transfer and be certified by the human resources department as having the minimum qualifications for the position.

    (b) The city manager may transfer a qualified individual with a disability to an open position when it is necessary to do so to make a reasonable accommodation to the individual.

    (c) An employee may be required by the department head or the city manager to transfer to another position if:

    (1)    The employee's total effectiveness becomes marginal;

    (2)    A conflict of interest develops; or

    (3)    If such a move is in the best interest of departmental operations.

    (d) A transferred employee will be paid in accordance with and accrue leaves and benefits at the rate attendant to the position to which the employee is transferred.

    (e)    An employee who retires under one of the city’s retirement plans may continue employment with the city if the employee is transferred to a permanent, part-time position budgeted for less than 1,500 hours per year and the transfer takes effect on the date of retirement. Any such employee may elect to cash in some or all eligible accumulated leave.

(Code 1964, § 22.840; Ord. No. 13489, § 1, 10-19-92; Ord. No. 15754, § 1, 9-21-98)