Section 19-168 General examination provisions.

    (a) The director may refuse to examine an applicant or, after examination, may disqualify such applicant and remove the name from the eligibility list if:

    (1)    The applicant is found to be lacking in any of the preliminary requirements established for the position;

    (2)    The applicant is disabled or inhibited to an extent which would render the individual unfit for the full performance of duties;

    (3)    The applicant has been found to have conflicting interests which may impair or somehow compromise total effectiveness in a given classification (including criminal background, narcotic or alcoholic addictions, business interests, and/or related areas);

    (4)    The applicant has made a false statement of material facts on the application;

     (5)    The applicant has used or attempted to use political pressure or bribery to secure an advantage in the screening or appointment procedure;

    (6)    The applicant has previously been discharged or has had an unsatisfactory service record with the city;

    (7)    The applicant has presented an application beyond the formal filing deadline or has failed to sign the application form;

    (8)    The applicant requests such an action; or

    (9)    An ample number of better qualified candidates are available for the immediate or similar position.

    (b) Individuals' application and examination records shall not be open to public inspection.

    (c)     The examination records of all persons who are appointed to positions in a classified service shall be kept on file and shall be retained throughout their employment and for at least fifteen ( 15 ) years after their separation.

    (d)     The examination records of individuals who fail to pass a screening procedure may be destroyed three ( 3 ) years after the date of examination.

    (e) The City of Columbia will test job applicants for current drug and alcohol use prior to offering successful applicants city employment.

    (f) All part-time, temporary, and/or seasonal appointments shall at least meet established minimum qualifications for their respective positions.

    (g) Individuals placed in an acting capacity shall, if they are expected to fulfill the complete responsibilities of a position and meet the minimum qualifications of the permanent position, be paid within the established salary range of the position.

    (h) The director may, as applicable and needed, utilize an applicant's merit examination results established and administered by other merit system agencies through cooperative, reciprocal arrangements for expediting recruitment and screening of applicants.

(Code 1964, § 22.860; Ord. No. 14617 § 1, 9-18-95; Ord. No. 19230, § 1, 9-18-06)

(Ord. 19230, Amended, 09/18/2006, Prior Text)