Section 19-177 Goals and timetables.

    Based on statistical employee turnover rates and anticipated, projected changes in total work force allocations; and work force evaluation in terms of race, sex, job position, salary make-up, and related considerations, annual and long-range (if practicable) EEO affirmative action goals will be recommended by the director in consultation with the respective department heads, reviewed by the personnel advisory board, and adopted by the city manager as an administrative policy. Documentation concerning the success of projected goal attainment shall be completed annually by the director, citing conditions and circumstances which may have helped or hindered the program. Subsequent goals and timetables shall be established considering the practical experience and preceding goal success. Identifiable lack of good faith in attempting to achieve established goals shall be just cause of disciplinary action, and shall involve any and all employees.

(Code 1964, § 22.920)