Section 19-179 Recruitment.

    (a) EEO affirmative action will consist of active recruitment of female, disadvantaged, underemployed, and/or minority candidates for positions within the city at all levels.

    (b) Active recruitment will mean:

    (1)    First consideration for filling all vacancies in a department shall be given to qualified employees of lower rank within the same department or qualified employees from other departments.

    (2)    Identification of agencies and programs concerned with educational and employment opportunities for female and/or minority members.

    (3)    Every effort will be made to contact a variety of agencies and individuals to identify prospective applicants, and notification will be made to such agencies of all new positions and the requirements of each as soon as each position becomes available.

    (4)    All vacancies and new positions in city departments or agencies, not initially filled by a present city employee, shall be publicly advertised; and the statement "The City of Columbia is a merit, affirmative action, equal opportunity employer: Male/Female." shall be included wherever practicable in employment advertisements.

    (c) The director will place employment advertising in publications with a broad circulation so that a potentially large number of female and minority groups can be reached.

    (d) Systematic contact will be kept with the local state employment security commission office and community action agencies to encourage referral of applicants for positions.

    (e) Present employees are encouraged to refer female or minority applicants when positions are available.

    (f) The city will aggressively seek more female and minority candidates in classifications in which females and minorities are identified as underutilized by making it known to all recruitment sources that female and minority members are being sought for consideration when positions are available.

    (g) The director will continually review the employment situation to determine if:

    (1)    There are any job categories which, in practical effect, are closed to female and minority groups;

    (2)    Hiring practices indicate that all applicants are considered solely on the basis of their qualifications for the job openings for which they have applied;

    (3)    The initial job in which a new employee is placed is determined or materially influenced by whether or not he/she is a member of a minority group;

    (4)    Minimal entry qualifications are in fact necessary, valid, and justifiable in terms of acceptable and required performance levels;

and if problems exist in any of these areas, the director shall take the necessary actions to correct inequities.

    (h) The director will establish a system through which it is possible to verify the number of minority applicants and the number of minority workers newly employed or promoted in reference to the number of applications received, openings available, and salaries earned.

    (i) All qualifications for employment shall be fully job-related. Any tests given by the city, once reliably and validly established, will be equitable and identical for all applicants for a given position. Continuous review of the tests shall be conducted by the director to ensure their validity.

    (j) The qualifications of all employees, including females and/or those of minority background, will be reviewed regularly to ensure that qualified, interested individuals are considered for promotion and upgrading.

    (k) As many female and minority and/or disadvantaged trainees and summer part-time employees will be used as work needs justify and expenditures allow and shall be on a representative relationship to the general community as much as possible.

(Code 1964, § 22.940)