Section 19-194 Report.

    (a) At least fifteen (15) working days (three (3) calendar weeks for firefighting employees on continuous shift assignments) prior to the expiration of an employee's probationary or qualifying period, the department head shall notify the director in writing whether the services of the employee have been satisfactory and whether the department head desires to continue the employee in the position. A copy of such notice shall be given to the employee. Should the department head recommend the employee not be retained on a permanent basis, the employee shall be removed from the position. Employees who satisfactorily complete their probationary or qualifying period may be eligible to be considered for a salary adjustment, if their classification has such a provision in the pay plan, and shall be eligible for full grievance appeal and fringe benefit privileges. Employees serving a twelve (12) month probationary period shall be eligible for full benefit privileges, including possible salary adjustment, six (6) months through their twelve (12) months probationary or qualifying period. Employees serving an eighteen (18) month probationary or qualifying period shall be eligible for full benefit privileges after six (6) months and shall be eligible for possible salary adjustment after twelve (12) months. Employees shall not be eligible for appeal privileges until completion of the probationary or qualifying period.

    (b) The intent of subsection (a) of this section is to provide for the orderly administration of an employee's probationary period. Failure of the probationary employee's department to notify the director as required shall not shorten the probationary period or prevent the department from discharging the employee or extending the employee's probationary period after the 15-day report deadline but such action must occur prior to the scheduled expiration of the probationary period.

(Code 1964, § 22.1040; Ord. No. 14984, § 1, 9-16-96; Ord. No. 16191, § 1, 9-20-99)

(Ord. 16191, Amended, 09/20/1999, Prior Text)