Section 19-206 Dismissal.

    (a) Non-probationary permanent employees to be dismissed for just cause shall be given a written notification of the charges against them or the reason for their discharge, along with a written explanation of the facts that support those charges or reasons. As soon as possible thereafter, but in all cases before dismissal, the employee shall be given an opportunity to refute the charges or reasons either in writing or in person before the department head.

    (b) Nothing in this section shall be implied to repeal or supplant the grievance procedures set out in this chapter which allow the appeal of discharges to the city manager or personnel advisory board, nor shall this section be interpreted to give any employee the right of a full adversary hearing prior to discharge.

    (c) Dismissed employees may, at the request of the department head, be issued their final check upon notification of the dismissal and removal from the position.

    (d)    A dismissed employee shall be paid for any vacation, floating holiday and compensatory leave the employee has accrued.

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(Ord. 20438, Amended, 09/21/2009, Prior Text; Ord. 20064, Amended, 09/15/2008, Prior Text)