Section 19-210 Temporary separation (suspension).

    (a) A supervisor, duly authorized by the department head, may temporarily suspend the services of a subordinate employee pursuant to division 6 of this article, and shall immediately report any suspension to the department head who shall investigate and, on the basis of the supervisor's findings, shall have the authority and shall be required to take actions in accordance with the following, either separately or in combination:

    (1)    Reinstatement without loss of time;

    (2)    A verbal or written reprimand;

    (3)    Suspension  with or  without pay;  any suspension with pay longer than seven (7) working days shall be approved by the director, but shall in no circumstances exceed six (6) months;

    (4)    Discharge.

    (b) In addition, the city manager shall have authority to suspend or remove any officer or employee of the city, unless otherwise provided in the charter, when such action becomes necessary for the good of the service. An immediate report of any action taken under the provisions of this rule shall be given to the director who shall review the action in terms of consistency, merit and related factors, and provide a recommendation to the department head for determination and disposition.

(Code 1964, § 22.1255; Ord. No. 21828, § 1, 9-16-13)

(Ord. 21828, Amended, 09/16/2013, Prior Text)