Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21193 on 12/19/2011, Section 19-22 read as follows.

     With the approval of the city manager, department heads may establish departmental rules and regulations that are consistent with the provisions of this chapter.

    (a)    Department heads may establish department rules and regulations only by following the procedures established in this section.  Department rules and regulations must be consistent with the city charter, city ordinances and city manager policies, rules and regulations.

    (b)    Department directors wishing to establish rules and regulations shall submit the proposed rule or regulation to the director.  The director shall recommend adoption or rejection to the city manager.  The manager may adopt the rule or regulation as submitted, adopt it after making modifications, or reject it.  The city manager may unilaterally change or eliminate any department rule or regulation.  The director shall maintain the official copy of all department rules and regulations.

    (c)    The director may propose to the manager that any department rule or regulation be eliminated or rewritten as an ordinance, city manager policy or administrative rule.

    (d)    Any rule or regulation that is in conflict with the city charter, city ordinances or city manager policies or administrative rules is void. Any rule or regulation that has not been adopted following the procedures of this section is void.

    (e)    Any rule or regulation that is in effect on December 18, 2011 shall remain in effect for six (6) months unless it is revoked sooner.  The city manager may extend the effective period of any such rule or regulation for up to an additional six (6) months.

(Code 1964, § 22.320; Ord. No. 16191, § 1, 9-20-99)