Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17016 on 09/17/2001, Section 19-27 read as follows.

    The city manager shall promulgate and establish administrative personnel policies, procedures, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, the following subjects:

    (a)    Employees' council;

    (ba)    Efficient operation suggestion policy and procedure;

    (cb)    Employee counseling, recovery and rehabilitation program;

    (dc)    General provisions:

        (1)    Hours of work;

        (2)    Pay periods/ratebase/payrolls;

        (3)    Performance improvement service ratings;

        (4)    Personnel records and reports;

        (5)    Temporary assignment transfer;

        (6)    Use of city vehicles, accidents and parking;

        (7)    Outside employment;

        (8)    Seniority and impact of seniority;

        (9)    Change of address;

        (10)    Employment of relatives;

        (11)    Pecuniary interests: Conflict of interest;

        (12)    Political activity;

        (13)    Employees entitled to benefits;

        (14)    Outside work. Leave usage;

             (15)       Conduct in the workplace;
          (16)       Computer use;

            (17)      Telephone use;

            (18)     Official travel.

    (ed)    Safety:

        (1)    General policy;

        (2)    On-the-job injury procedures;

        (3)    Medical information release;

        (4)    Damaged personal equipment;

        (5)    Safety committee.

    (fe)    Related, internal administrative matters.

(Code 1964, § 22.370)