Prior to the adoption of 15958 on 04/19/1999, Section 19-55 read as follows.

    (a) Each time a vacancy occurs, the director shall review the allocation of the position. This analysis may be waived by the director in cases where the need for changes in the duties and responsibilities of a position appears unlikely.

    (b) Each time a department or division is reorganized, preliminary position descriptions for all affected employees shall be submitted by the department head to the director for his/her review and recommendation.

    (c) The city manager may require any or all departments or employees to submit position descriptions on a periodic basis, or any time he/she has reason to believe there has been a change in the duties and responsibilities of one or more positions.

    (d) Before a new class is established by the city council and before such a position is filled, a class specification shall be written by the director and incorporated in the existing plan. The class title shall be added to the schematic list of titles. Likewise, an abolished class shall be deleted from the position classification plan by removing the class specification and eliminating the class title from the schematic list of titles.

    (e) The director shall take the necessary steps to maintain the position classification plan in a current status on a continuous basis.

(Code 1964, § 22.450)