Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16191 on 09/20/1999, Section 19-81 read as follows.

    (a) Generally. The city manager shall be responsible for presenting to the city council a uniform and equitable pay plan which shall consist of the minimum and/or maximum rates of pay for such each classification in the classification plan as he/she may consider necessary or equitable. In arriving at salary rates, consideration will be given to the maintenance of salary grades of the classifications in the city service in a correct relationship to one another, to prevailing rates for comparable work in other public employment and private business, the current cost of living, the suggestions of the department head, responsibilities of the position, and the policy of the city council.

    (b) Compensation level for supervisors. Supervisors shall be paid at a higher base salary rate (excluding overtime and other special considerations) than their subordinates, except as unusual circumstances may justify otherwise, with written approval of the director. If, because of differences in length of service, a supervisor is paid a rate of pay equal to or lower than one or more of his duly assigned subordinates, the supervisor shall be advanced to a level within the paygrade for his/her class which will provide a rate of pay higher than any subordinate, regardless of the supervisor's length of service.

    (c) Compensation of temporary and part-time employees. Temporary employees occupying classified or unclassified positions shall be employed within the pay ranges established by the city manager. If the duties and responsibility level of the temporary assignment closely parallel those of an established classification in degree and magnitude, then the salary range of the established classification shall be the basis for remuneration of the temporary classification. Temporary positions not paralleling full-time classifications shall have salary ranges established by the city manager.

    (d) Temporary trainee classes. The director, with the approval of the city manager, may establish temporary trainee classes and rates of pay (renewable six (6) month terms). An individual appointed to a trainee classification will be required to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities for appointment to a permanent position by the conclusion of the individually arranged training program.
     (e) Limited service compensation. An employee, who suffers a notable decrease in ability to perform normal assignments may, upon recommendation of the appropriate department head, and approval (or requirement) of the city manager, be transferred to a limited service status in the same or other department. The extent to which the employee is able and needed to perform useful work, as determined by the department head and director, shall be the governing factor in determining the salary to be paid. An employee on such assignment may utilize appropriate leave accruals in conjunction with time worked in order to achieve a full paycheck.

(Code 1964, § 22.510)