Section 19-82 New appointees.

    (a)     Generally, the initial wage for a permanent classified employee shall be set between the minimum and the midpoint of the pay grade for the classification.

    (b)     Beginning salaries for employees shall not be set at a rate greater than the salaries of existing employees with equivalent qualifications within the same classification.

     (c)    All salary offers shall be approved by the director prior to offering employment.

     (d)    A higher initial wage may be approved by the director in unusual circumstances, such as when market conditions prohibit hiring within the assigned pay grade and/or the current pay or pay grade of employees does not stimulate upward career movement or when the new employee exceeds the minimum qualifications for the position.

(Code 1964, § 22.520(1) ; Ord. No. 17850, § 1, 9-15-03; Ord. No. 18254, § 1, 9-20-04; Ord. No. 21828, § 1, 9-16-13)

(Ord. 21828, Amended, 09/16/2013, Prior Text; Ord. 18254, Amended, 09/20/2004, Prior Text; Ord. 17850, Amended, 09/15/2003, Prior Text)