Section 19-87 Performance pay increases.

    (a) Advancement to a higher salary rate within an established salary range shall be called a performance pay increase. The salary of each permanent classified employee shall be reviewed by the department head in conjunction with performance evaluations for the purpose of determining eligibility for salary increase. All personnel records, attendance, citations, and length of service shall be considered in making recommendations with major emphasis placed on the evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of performance of services rendered. After the above analysis by the department head, and subject to the review of the director, a permanent classified employee may be entitled to upward salary adjustments until the established maximum salary for the classification has been reached.

    (b) The department head shall submit the recommended increase and an evaluation of the employee on appropriate forms to the director for review sufficiently in advance of the effective date of the increase to allow time for review and consideration.

    (c) Department heads may recommend to the director that performance pay increases be granted to individual employees at intervals more often than the normal increments. Such specific performance pay increases shall be based upon exceptional performance of duties expected of the position.

    (d)     Required minimal performance and salary reviews (as prescribed by the city manager for a given classification) shall be conducted as follows:

    (1)     Employees, other than police officers, firefighters, airport safety officers and emergency telecommunicators, shall receive performance reviews, or salary reviews, or both at mid-point and completion of probationary and qualifying periods, on the first day of the pay period one (1) year after completion of the probationary/qualifying period, then annually thereafter.

    (2)    Police officers shall receive annual performance reviews on the anniversary of their date of hire. Police officers shall serve an eighteen-month probationary period. Performance pay increase eligibility begins one (1) year from date of hire, then annually thereafter.

(3)         Firefighters, airport safety officers and emergency telecommunicators shall receive performance reviews every six (6) months during the eighteen-month probationary period. Performance pay increase eligibility begins one (1) year from date of hire and annually thereafter.

    (e) Service requirements for advancement within pay ranges and for other purposes as specified in these regulations, shall have the implication of continuous service, which means employment in the city service without break or interruption, such as resignation, leave without pay for more than two (2) calendar weeks, unauthorized leave, and so forth.

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