Prior to the adoption of Ord. 15947 on 04/05/1999, Section 19-97 read as follows.

    (a) A department head or duly authorized supervisor shall prepare a roster of employees assigned to standby duty. Employees shall receive, insofar as possible, a month's notice, and assignments shall be posted on accessible bulletin boards. Emergency employees such as police and fire may be excluded from this provision pursuant to departmental rules and regulations.

    (b) All personnel assigned to standby must be easily reached, capable, sober and ready to work at any time during their standby period. This condition shall be a mandatory part of the assignment.

    (c) No employee on standby duty is expected to attempt any procedure which the employee considers unsafe within requirements of the operation. If additional help is required to perform a job, the employee shall follow specified department procedures. Safety equipment and procedures shall be used as during regular working hours.

    (d) Standby duty normally shall be one week in duration, rotated among qualified employees. An employee shall be removed from standby duty if deemed incapable due to illness, or other sanctioned, cleared emergency as determined by the duly authorized supervisor; and remunerated on a daily basis. An employee must have been in pay status during the normal working day in order to be eligible for the daily twelve thirteen dollars ($12.00 13.00) standby remuneration, except on weekends or normally scheduled days off. If an employee requests sick leave during a part or whole day standby duty is assigned, it shall be up to the supervisor to determine whether or not the employee should be allowed to remain on standby, taking into account all circumstances pertinent to the matter.

    (e) An employee on standby shall receive additional compensation of thirteen dollars ($13.00) per day except that an employee on standby during the employee's scheduled day off shall receive an additional sixteen dollars ($16.00) per day. An employee on standby during a recognized city holiday shall receive an additional thirteen dollars ($13.00) for being on standby on such a day.

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