Section 19-98 Minimum call-in compensation.

    (a) Employees in positions eligible for overtime pay who have left their normal place of work for their residence or elsewhere and have completed at least one (1) full, normal shift of work (time on the job) and who are called back to work shall be credited a minimum of three (3) hours pay for the first occurrence of call-back. If more than one (1) call is received, the employee shall continue to earn pay in addition to the first three-hour minimum. In all cases, the minimum call-in of three (3) hours shall be counted as hours worked, and the standard overtime pay provisions shall apply. Only one (1) minimum three-hour call-in allowance shall be provided per day. Employees called in from outside the city limits shall not have call-in travel time reimbursed or included in the three-hour allocation to the extent such travel time is outside the city limits. An employee actually working more than three (3) hours shall not receive any special travel-time pay.   Minimum call-in compensation shall not be allowed during normal shift hours, breaks or meal periods.

    (b) Employees who report for snow removal work within one hour after being contacted will receive "reporting time" payment equal to one-quarter hour of pay.

(Code 1964, § 22.620; Ord. No. 9936, § 1, 9-19-83; Ord. No. 16618, § 1, 9-18-00 ; Ord. No. 20438, § 1, 9-21-09; Ord. No. 20595, § 2, 4-5-10)

Editor's note - Ord. No. 20595, § 2, adopted April 5, 2010, which amended section 19-98 above, shall be in full force and effect from and after April 18, 2010.

(Ord. 20595, Amended, 04/05/2010, Prior Text; Ord. 20438, Amended, 09/21/2009, Prior Text; Ord. 16618, Amended, 09/18/2000, Prior Text)