Section 2-144 Same--Appropriations to pay city's contribution.

    Commencing on the first day of the month following the date of the approval of the plan and agreement of the city by the state agency, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated from the general revenue fund and from the water and light fund of the city, and there is, and shall be, appropriated, the sum of money necessary to pay the contributions of the city which shall be due and payable by virtue of the extension of the benefits of the Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance System to the eligible employees and officials of the city, such sum of money to be paid into the contributions fund created by Senate Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 3 of the 66th General Assembly of the State of Missouri; provided, however, that in making the first payment to such contributions funds, after the benefits of such system have been extended to such employees and officials, such first payment shall include a sum equal to the amount which would have been due and payable had such extension of benefits been provided and effective on January 1, 1951. The fund from which such appropriation is made shall, at all times, be sufficient to pay the contributions of the city by this section directed to be paid to the contributions fund.

(Code 1964, § 2.670)