Section 2-145 Administration of plan.

    The city, from and after the approval of the plan and agreement of the city by the state agency, shall fully comply with, and shall keep such record, make such reports and provide such methods of administration of such plan and agreement as may be required by all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations, now and hereafter in effect, with respect to the extension of the benefits of the Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance System to the employees and officials of the city. For the purpose of administering such plan and agreement, the director of finance of the city shall be the official who shall make all required reports, keep all records and be responsible for the administration of such plan and agreement on behalf of the city, and any and all notices and communications from the state agency to the city with respect to such plan and agreement shall be addressed to "Director of Finance, City of Columbia, Missouri."

(Code 1964, § 2.680)

     Cross reference(s)--Powers and duties of finance director, § 2-208.