Section 2-158 Duties.

    (a) The city clerk shall, in addition to other duties which are or may be required of him by statute, by the charter, by the council or by the city manager, be the custodian of the seal and all deeds, contracts, ordinances, books, records, papers and other official documents of the city.

    (b) He shall attend all meetings of the city council, keep a correct record or journal of the proceedings thereof, and authenticate, by his signature, all ordinances and resolutions and record them in full in a book kept for that purpose.

    (c) He shall prepare all certificates of election or appointment of the city officers, and deliver the same to the persons elected or appointed.

    (d) He shall record the certificates, oaths and bonds of all the city officers, and shall keep an index of the records of the proceedings of the city council.

    (e) He shall, at the request of anyone and a tender of his fees, make copies, certified under his signature and seal of this city, of any public book, record, paper or document in his office.

(Code 1964, §§ 2.060, 2.080)

     Charter reference(s)--Similar provisions, § 13.