Section 2-210 Authority of purchasing agent.

        The purchasing agent has authority to:

    (1)    Enter into contracts on behalf of the city as provided in this chapter;

    (2)    Document specifications for supplies, materials and equipment;

    (3)    Conduct competitive bidding processes and requests for proposals processes;

    (4)    Inspect all supplies, materials and equipment purchased through the purchasing division to determine quality, quantity and conformance with specifications;

    (5)    Supervise the transfer of supplies, materials and equipment between departments;

    (6)    Dispose of surplus city supplies, materials and equipment as provided in this chapter; and

        (7)        Perform any other functions assigned by the city manager or the director of                                 finance.

(Code 1964, § 2.700; Ord. No. 018178. § 1, 7-19-04)

(Ord. 018178, Amended, 07/19/2004, Prior Text)