Section 2-23 Definitions.

    As used in sections 2-23 through 2-25.6 unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms mean:
     Closed meeting, closed record, or closed vote. Any meeting, record or vote closed to the public.

    Public governmental body. The city council; any city board, commission, committee, task force or similar group appointed by the city council or mayor; any committee or subcommittee of the city council or of any city board, commission, committee, task force or similar group appointed by the city council or mayor; any city agency, department or division.

    Public meeting. Any meeting of a public governmental body at which any public business is discussed, decided, or public policy formulated, whether the meeting is conducted in person or by means of communications equipment, including but not limited to, conference call, video conference, internet chat, or internet message board.  “Public meeting”  shall not include an informal gathering of members of a governmental body for ministerial or social purposes when there is no intent to avoid the purposes of this article.

    Public record. Any record whether written or electronically stored retained by or of any public governmental body including any report, survey, memorandum, or other document or study prepared for  the public government body by a consultant or other professional service paid for in whole or in part by public funds including records created or maintained by private contractors under an agreement with the city . The term "public record" shall not include any internal memorandum or letter received or prepared by or on behalf of a member of a public governmental body consisting of advice, opinions and recommendations in connection with the deliberative decision-making process of the public governmental body, unless such records are retained by the public governmental body or presented at a public meeting.

    Public vote. Any vote whether conducted in person, by telephone, or by any other electronic means cast at any public meeting of any public governmental body.

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    Editor's note--Ord. No. 11642, § 1, adopted Sept. 21, 1987, repealed §§ 2-23, 2-24, 2-25.1--2-25.4 and enacted new provisions designated as §§ 2-23, 2-24, 2-25.1--2-25.940 to read as herein set out. Former sections 2-23, 2-24, 2-25.1--2-25.4 derived from Ord. No. 10618, § 1, (2.041, 2.042, 2.044--2.047) adopted June 17, 1985 and Ord. No. 11324, § 1, adopted Dec. 15, 1986.

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