Prior to the adoption of Ord. 18249 on 09/20/2004, Section 2-25.4 read as follows.

    (a)      Each public governmental body is to appoint a custodian who is to be responsible for the maintenance of that body's records. The identity and location of a public governmental body's custodian is to be made available upon request. The city clerk shall be the custodian of the city council's records.

     (b)      Each department head shall be the custodian of the department’s records unless the department head appoints one or more record custodians and notifies the city clerk of each appointment.

     (c)      The head of each city office or department responsible for staffing a city board, commission, committee, task force or similar group shall be the record custodian of the group’s records unless the head of the office or department appoints another person to serve as record custodian and notifies the city clerk of the appointment.

     (d)      The city clerk shall maintain a complete list of the identi t y, location and telephone number of each record custodian for each city department, board, commission, committee, task force and similar group.

    ( be )     Each public governmental body shall make available for inspection and copying by the public of that body's public records. No person shall remove original public records from the office of a public governmental body or its custodian without written permission of the designated custodian.

    ( cf )     Each request for access to a public record shall be acted upon as soon as possible, but in no event later than the end of the third business day following the date that the request is received by the custodian of records of a public governmental body.   If records are requested in a certain format, the public body shall provide the records in the requested format, if such format is available.   If access to the public record is not granted immediately, the custodian shall give a detailed explanation of the cause for further delay and the place and earliest time and date that the record will be available for inspection. This period for document production may exceed three (3) days for reasonable cause.

    ( dg )     If a request for access is denied, the custodian shall provide, upon request, a written statement on the grounds of such denial. Such statement, shall cite the specific provision of law under which access is denied and shall be furnished to the requester no later than the end of the third business day following the date that the request for the statement is received.

(Ord. No. 11642, § 11, 9-21-87)

     Note--See the editor's note at § 2-23.