Section 2-271 Establishment; composition; terms.

    The finance advisory and audit committee is hereby established. The committee shall be composed of five (5) members appointed by the city council to serve three-year staggered terms. Members shall be qualified voters and residents of the City of Columbia for at least one (1) year prior to their appointment. One (1) member appointed must be a commercial banker, with knowledge of public finance and investment banking. One (1) member appointed must be a certified public accountant with knowledge of public administration and finance. Consideration shall be given to the appointment of at least one (1) member who is an owner of a business. Members appointed by the city council shall serve without compensation. Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for unexpired terms only. Members shall serve until their successors are appointed. The committee shall elect its own chair annually. The finance director or the director's designee shall serve as a nonvoting ex-officio member. Staff for the committee shall be provided by the finance department.

Editor's note--Ord. No. 21571, § 1, adopted January 7, 2013, recodified Article V.  The previous applicable sections were Sections 2-400 - 2-403.

(Ord. 21571, Amended, 01/07/2013)