Prior to the adoption of Ord. 21467 on 10/01/2012, Section 2-302 read as follows.

    The commission on community cooperation shall review the public plans and undertakings of the participating institutions and governmental bodies, provide cooperation and coordination in such plans and undertakings, and report the contemplated plans and undertakings of participants to the respective institutions and governmental bodies, so that better relations may be created among the participants, better coordination of public plans and undertakings may be secured, that communication and efficiency may be improved, and duplication of services eliminated. The chairman of the commission shall be selected from among the members at the first meeting of the calendar year, and the commission shall select from among its members a secretary who shall keep a record of and report on the activities of the commission to each participating institution and governmental body. The commission shall hold regular meetings at least four (4) times a year at such times and places as it shall determine, and shall hold special meetings upon the call of the chairman.


(Code 1964, § 2.1370)