Section 2-303 Duties; staff liaison.

    The commission shall have the following duties and authority:

    (a)     Tracking measuring and reporting. The commission shall conduct periodic reviews and, beginning in December 2009, issue an annual report on the progress of visioning implementation to the community. This report shall also include a summary and analysis of the commission's own efforts in the areas set forth below. The commission shall, by March 31, 2009, select an initial reporting format and identify the information to be tracked and included in such report. The annual progress report shall be provided to the city council and made available to the public.

    (b)     Coordination with other governmental boards, commissions, departments and nongovernmental entities. The commission shall have the authority to solicit the cooperation of other boards and commissions in the city and throughout the region as needed to assist with its reporting and other duties, and also to solicit and receive information from other entities involved in visioning implementation.

    (c)     Recommendation of implementation tasks. Beginning one year after the city council's approval of the initial implementation report as provided in section 2-533, and every two years thereafter, the commission shall, after seeking the input of other city boards, commissions, and departments, recommend implementation tasks to be undertaken over the two years following the period covered in the then effective implementation report, and the additional resources needed to accomplish such tasks. In preparing these recommendations, the commission shall also coordinate with other relevant boards and commissions, including the Boone County Commission, and with the city manager's office. A discussion draft of the commission's recommendations should be (i) posted for public comment for at least thirty (30) days, (ii) revised as may be appropriate to incorporate comments received, and (iii) included in the progress report provided for in subsection (a).

    (d)     Public education and outreach. The commission should offer public programs on the visioning process, track the groups involved in various implementation tasks, and work to recruit a diverse participant base in such tasks. The commission may, as independent resources become available, either on its own or in conjunction with others, operate a website that is separate from the city website for the purposes of public education, outreach and engagement.

    (e)     Convening of public dialogues. The commission shall convene community-wide dialogues at five-year intervals, beginning in 2014, to review the vision and the progress being made in implementation. These dialogues shall be structured in a way that is consistent with the principles of inclusiveness and transparency. The commission may in its discretion also convene dialogues to address conflicts that arise within the community over implementation of different goals or strategies, including disputes that arise over the allocation of scarce resources. The commission may request that the city hire facilitators to help with such dialogues.

    (f)     Fundraising and administration. The commission shall have the authority to seek grants and other funds to be used to offset the costs of its work and to aid in the administration of visioning implementation efforts by citizen and other groups. The city shall serve as the fiscal agent for any such funds.

    (g)     Incidental authority. The commission shall have such other authority as may be assigned by the city council from time to time and shall act in an advisory capacity in making recommendations to improve the ongoing process of visioning implementation.

    (h)     Staff liaison. The city manager shall appoint a staff liaison to work with the commission.

Editor's note--Ord. No. 21571, § 1, adopted January 7, 2013, recodified Article V.  The previous applicable sections were Sections 2-525 - 2-534.

(Ord. 21571, Amended, 01/07/2013)