Section 2-306 Officers; meetings; quorum.

    (a)    The commission shall select its chair who shall preside over meetings, and a vice chair who shall preside in the absence of the chair. The commission shall annually appoint a secretary who shall keep a record of its activities and actions, and shall also fill any vacancy in such position for the remainder of the term.

    (b)    A majority of those duly appointed and acting members of the commission required to vote on a matter shall be a quorum for making decisions.

    (c)    The commission shall hold monthly meetings during at least ten (10) months of the year. Other meetings may be scheduled at the call of the chair. One of the monthly meetings shall be a regularly scheduled annual meeting which shall include the appointment of officers. Special meetings may also be called at the request of any three (3) or more voting members of the commission. Notice of any special meeting shall be provided as prescribed by law prior to such meeting. The city manager or the manager's designee shall receive notice of all meetings of the commission. The commission shall designate a regular place for its meetings which can be changed from time to time. In scheduling and conducting meetings, the commission shall comply with the sunshine law and other applicable laws and regulations.

    (d)    The chair of the commission is authorized to excuse any member from attendance at a board meeting if the member requests to be excused prior to that meeting. Any member of the commission who is absent without asking to be excused from four (4) or more of the regular meetings held in a calendar year shall automatically forfeit the office. Any such member who is absent without being excused from three (3) consecutive regular meetings shall automatically forfeit the office. It shall be the duty of the chair to promptly notify the city council of any vacancy on the coordinating committee.

    (e)    The commission may from time to time adopt such rules for the conduct of its meetings and business as it may deem proper provided that such rules are not inconsistent with city ordinances or other applicable law.

    (f)    Attendance at commission meetings may be by teleconference or such other electronic medium to the extent such is allowed by law.

Editor's note--Ord. No. 21571, § 1, adopted January 7, 2013, recodified Article V.  The previous applicable sections were Sections 2-525 - 2-534.

(Ord. 21571, Added, 01/07/2013)