Section 2-338 Membership.

    (a)    The commission shall consist of thirteen (13) members.   One (1) member shall be a University of Missouri student appointed by the council to a one year term.  One (1) member shall be a Columbia College student or administrator appointed by the Columbia College administration.  One (1) member shall be a Stephens College student or administrator appointed by the Stephens College administration.   One (1) member shall be a representative of the University of Missouri appointed by the University of Missouri administration .  The remaining nine (9) at large  members shall be appointed by the city council.  Consideration shall be given to the appointment of an eligible Columbia Transit paratransit rider, an owner or representative of a business, a member of the disabilities commission, a member of the bicycle/pedestrian commission, a representative of the Columbia Public School District, and/or a representative of Columbians for Modern Efficient Transit (CoMET), an advocacy group of PedNet.

    (b)     Three (3) of the initial at large members appointed by the city council shall serve terms of one (1) year, three (3) shall serve terms of two (2) years, and three (3) shall serve terms of three (3) years. Thereafter, appointments made to the at large positions by the council shall be for terms of three (3) years, except that appointments to fill vacancies, occurring other than by expiration of terms, shall be filled for the unexpired term only.  The term of each member appointed by the council shall end on March 1, or until a successor is duly appointed and qualified.  It shall be the duty of the chair to promptly notify the city council of a vacancy.  The members appointed by persons other than the city council shall serve for terms designated by the appointing authority and shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

(Ord. No. 21681, § 2, 5-20-13)

Editor's note--Ord. No. 21571, § 1, adopted January 7, 2013, recodified Article V.  The previous applicable sections were Sections 2-375.09 - 2-375.14.

(Ord. 21681, Amended, 05/20/2013, Prior Text; Ord. 21571, Renumbered, 01/07/2013)