Section 2-347 Duties, meetings.

    (a)    The commission shall meet at least quarterly. Seven (7) members shall constitute a quorum to do business. The commission shall elect a chair, a vice-chair and a secretary from its members. Each officer shall hold office for a term of one (1) year. The chair of the commission is authorized to excuse any member from attendance at a commission meeting; provided, that the member requested to be excused before the meeting. Any member who is absent, without being excused, from twenty-five (25) per cent of the regular commission meetings held in a calendar year shall automatically forfeit the office. Any member who is absent, without being excused, from three (3) consecutive regular meetings shall automatically forfeit the office. It shall be the duty of the chair to promptly notify the city council of the vacancy.

    (b)    The commission shall hold public meetings to consider the concerns of residents of the city with disabilities and advise the city council as necessary.

    (c)    The commission shall review or monitor accessibility of public and private facilities and shall educate the business community, civic groups and the public as to the concerns of residents with disabilities.

    (d)    The commission shall act as liaison between the city and other organizations working with persons with disabilities and shall encourage communication and cooperate among them.

Editor's note--Ord. No. 21571, § 1, adopted January 7, 2013, recodified Article V.  The previous applicable sections were Sections 2-375.03 - 2-375.05.

(Ord. 21571, Amended, 01/07/2013, Prior Text; Ord. 21495, Amended, 11/05/2012, Prior Text; Ord. 17660, Amended, 05/05/2003, Prior Text; Ord. 17522, Amended, 12/02/2002, Prior Text)