Section 2-358 Membership; terms of office; officers; rules and procedures.

    The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health shall be composed of seventeen (17) members appointed by the city council.  If feasible, members should include persons in the following categories: education; health care; business and labor; communications and media; volunteer organizations; sports organizations and clubs; and coaches, trainers, prominent athletes, and sports administrators.  Members shall be appointed to three (3) year terms and shall serve without compensation.  Appointments to fill vacancies shall be for unexpired terms only. The Mayor's Council shall elect from its members a chair, vice-chair and a secretary.  The chair shall preside at all meetings, and in the absence of the chair or the chair's inability to reside, the vice-chair shall preside.  The secretary shall keep a permanent record of the proceedings of the Mayor's Council.  The Mayor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health may establish its own rules and procedures.

(Ord. No. 21664, § 1, 4-15-13)

(Ord. 21664, Added, 04/15/2013)