Section 2-403 Duties.

     The Finance Advisory and Audit Committee shall be solely advisory to the city council.  The committee shall make recommendations on financial matters to the city council as needed.  In formulating reports, policies and recommendations to the city council, the committee may consider the following areas:

    a.    Accounting and financial reporting policies.
    b.    Debt management and fiscal policies.
    c.    Cash and investment management policies.
    d.    Purchasing policies.
    e.    Business services policies.
    f.    Other matters as may be referred by the city council.

(Ord. No. 17658, § 1, 4-21-03; Ord. No. 18577, § 1, 7-5-05)

(Ord. 18577, Amended, 07/05/2005, Prior Text; Ord. 17658, Amended, 04/21/2003, Prior Text)