Section 2-422 Powers and duties.

    (a)    The office of community services shall have the power and shall be required to:

    (1)    Present to the Boone County Community Services Advisory Commission and to the city manager plans and recommendations regarding the appropriation of public funds for community human services.

    (2)    Make application and negotiate with funding sources including the city, county, state and federal governments for funds, and to expend appropriated funds for coordinating, monitoring, evaluating and planning community human services.

    (3)    Perform administrative duties related to grants and purchase of service agreements.

    (4)    Provide technical assistance to the Boone County Community Services Advisory Commission and the several human service provider agencies.

    (5)    Monitor the administration of agencies who receive funding from the city council either directly or through state and federal programs. The office of community  services may conduct reviews of those agencies which may include a review of the agency's effort in administering human services, the agency's expenditure of funds received pursuant to contracts with the city, and any and all acts which relate to its contract with the city.

    (6)    Exercise such other powers and duties as the city manager may from time to time direct.

    (b) The provisions of this section relating to the duties of the office of community services do not apply to funding requests or activities or services administered by or under the supervision of any department of the city.

(Code 1964, § 2.1110; Ord. No. 18868, § 1, 1-17-06)

(Ord. 18868, Amended, 01/17/2006, Prior Text)