Prior to the adoption of Ord. 20710 on 08/02/2010, Section 2-46 read as follows.

    The order of business of the council, unless otherwise determined, shall be as follows:

    (1)    Introductory items:

        a.    Roll call;

        b.    Approval of previous minutes;

        c.    Approval and adjustment of agenda;

        d.    Finalization of consent agenda--Council and public to indicate any items on which comment is requested.

    (2)    Special items.

      (3)    Appointment to boards and commissions.

    (3 4 )    Scheduled public comment.

     (4 5 )    Public hearings, with or without bills.

     (5 6 )    Old business (items not included on consent agenda):

             a.    Ordinances:

             1.    Second reading by title;

             2.    Third reading by council bill number;

             3.    Final consideration of ordinances.

             b.    Resolutions: Final consideration of resolutions previously introduced.

     (6 7 )    Consent agenda, which shall be all bills and resolutions ready for final consideration except bills requiring an advertised public hearing, or bills on which comment is requested by any member of the city council or the public, or bills requiring a super majority vote.

     a.    Second and third reading by council bill number of all bills on the consent agenda;

         b.    Reading of resolutions by number;

         c.    Final consideration of consent agenda.

     (7 8 )    Resolutions not on consent agenda.

     (8 9 )    Introduction and first reading of ordinances by council bill number.

     (9 10 )    Reports and petitions.

    (10)    Appointments to boards and commissions.

     (11)    General comments by public, council and staff.

     (12)    Adjournment.

(Code 1964, § 2.180; Ord. No. 10017, § 1, 12-5-83; Ord. No. 12913, § 1, 3-18-91; Ord. No. 14821 § 1, 4-15-96; Ord. No. 18212, § 1, 9-7-04)