Section 2-53 Voting requirements; abstentions.

    (a) Except as provided in section 2-53.1, every member who shall be present when a vote is taken on a question shall vote on the question unless excused by a majority of the council.

    (b) Except as provided in section 2-53.1, e very member who intends to abstain shall state the   reasons for the abstention, and shall request council permission  to abstain .   T he council shall vote on the request prior to commencement or continuance of the vote.

    (1)     Except for votes under section 29-34(b),   a n abstention shall be counted with the majority and, if the question before the council requires a super majority for passage, the abstention shall  be counted to reach the required super majority.

    (2)    In the event of an abstention on a tie vote, the abstention shall not be counted with either side to break the tie.

(Code 1964, § 2.240; Ord. No. 10104, § 1, 3-19-84; Ord. No. 13097, § 1, 9-3-91; Ord. No. 17541, § 1, 1-6-03)

(Ord. 17541, Amended, 01/06/2003, Prior Text)