Section 2-81 Passage of ordinances, generally.

    (a) No ordinance shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall become an ordinance unless on its final passage a majority of all members elected to the council shall vote therefor, and the yeas and nays are entered on the journal. Every bill shall be read three (3) times before its passage, by title or council bill number. Not more than two (2) of the readings shall be at the same legislative session; and at least one week shall elapse between the introduction and final passage of any bill, except in the case of an emergency bill.

    (b) No bill shall be considered by the council unless it is in writing, has been prepared and approved as to form by the city counselor's office, a bill number assigned to it by the city manager's office, and it has been placed on the agenda at or before the time for approval and adjustment of the agenda in the regular order of business as set forth in section 2-46.

(Code 1964, § 2.390)

     Charter reference(s)--Similar provisions, §§ 8, 15A; city counselor, § 65.