Prior to the adoption of Ord. 17090 on 11/05/2001, Section 20-24 read as follows.

The following processing fees are established:

(1)    Initial preliminary plat                                                 $200 + $1 per lot

        Major revisions to preliminary plat                                    $ 200 + $1 per lot

        Minor revisions to preliminary plat                                    n o fee

(2)    Final plat (in addition to recording fee)                                $200 + $1 per lot

(3)    Replat (in addition to recording fee)                                    $180

(4)    Initial plan for planned districts                                         $200

        Minor revisions to plan for planned districts                            no fee

        All other revisions to plan for planned districts                        $200

(5)    Request to vacate public easement (in addition to recording fee)        $120

(6)    Request to vacate public street or alley
        (in addition to recording fee)                                             $150

(7)    Request for variance from subdivision regulations
        in connection with preliminary or final plat                            no fee

        All other requests for variance from subdivision regulations            $120

(8)    Request to rezone from district A-1 to district R-1                    no fee

        Request to place property in overlay district H-P                     no fee

Request for permanent zoning at time of annexation when the
request is for property to be placed in a zoning district
substantially equivalent to or of lesser intensity than the existing
Boone County Zoning                                                 No fee or advertising cost

        All other requests for rezoning (in addition to costs of
        advertisement of public hearings)                                     $200

(Ord. No. 16588, § 1, 9-18-00)