Prior to the adoption of Ord. 16588 on 09/18/2000, Section 20-24 read as follows.

The following processing fees are established:

(a)    Initial preliminary plat                                                 $200 + $1 per lot

    Major revisions to preliminary plat                                        $200 + $1 per lot

    Minor revisions to preliminary plat                                        no fee

(b)    Final plat (in addition to recording fee)                                $200 + $1 per lot

(c)    Replat (in addition to recording fee)                                    $180

(d)    Initial plan for planned districts                                        $200

    Minor revisions to plan for planned districts                                no fee

    All other revisions to plan for planned districts                            $200

(e)    Request to vacate public easement (in addition to recording fee)        $120

(f)    Request to vacate public street or alley
        (in addition to recording fee)                                             $150
(g)    Request for variance from subdivision regulations
        in connection with preliminary or final plat                            no fee

    All other requests for variance from subdivision regulations                $120

(h)    Request to rezone from district A-1 to district R-1                    no fee

    Request to place property in overlay district H-P                         no fee

    All other requests for rezoning (in addition to costs of
        advertisement of public hearings)                                     $200