Section 21-18 Special temporary police officers.

    When, in the opinion of the chief of police, the regular police force of the city, provided for by ordinance, shall be insufficient to deal with any emergency or to enforce the ordinances of the city and the laws of the state within the city, the chief of police may, with the approval of the city manager, commission special temporary police officers, who shall possess the legal requirements for police officers, with or without compensation, and for such period as he may determine; provided, that no temporary police officer shall be appointed for a longer period than one year. Such appointment shall be reported to the city manager and, when approved by him, the city clerk shall issue to each special temporary police officer a commission which shall set forth the day and hour of the appointment and the day and hour of the expiration thereof. Such special temporary police officers shall have all the powers and duties of the regular police officers of the city as established by ordinances and by the laws of the state, and like responsibilities. Any or all appointments of special temporary police officers may be revoked by the chief of police by giving notice of such revocation to the city clerk.

(Code 1964, § 7.200)