Section 21-50 Internal affairs procedures; police officer and community service aide rights.

    (a)    The city manager shall cause police department rules and regulations to be established that provide for internal affairs investigations.  These rules and regulations must be consistent with the provisions of this article and chapter 19.

    (b)    Police department officers  and community service aides  under investigation shall have the following rights in connection with internal affairs investigations:

(1)    The police officer  and community service aide  may provide a written or oral statement to an investigator before investigative findings are made.

(2)    The police officer  and community service aide  may have an attorney or Columbia Police Officer Association representative present during the officer's   or community service aide’s  interview to observe the interview.

(3)    When practicable, a police officer  or community service aide  interview shall be conducted during the employee’s  normal working hours.

(4)    The police officer  and community service aide  may record the interview or obtain a copy of any recording of the interview made by the city.

(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09; Ord. No. 22142, § 1, 7-21-14 )

Editor's Note:  The authority of the Citzens Police Review Board to review appeals from the police chief's decisions on alleged police misconduct shall only apply to decisions made by the police chief after January 1, 2010.

(Ord. 22142, Amended, 07/21/2014, Prior Text; Ord. 20331, Added, 07/20/2009)