Section 22-105 Maintenance policy.

    (a) The city will maintain and repair, without charge to abutting property, all streets that are designated to be permanently improved streets by the council upon recommendation of the director of public works. All streets hereinafter constructed or reconstructed shall be constructed or reconstructed in accordance with the street construction standards and specifications set forth in the transportation plan and subdivision regulations.

    (b) The city will maintain unimproved streets only to the extent of keeping such streets in a safe and passable condition. Unimproved streets shall be those which have been heretofore constructed or improved but are not designated by the council as having been permanently improved. No dust control measures will be initiated by the city for unimproved streets. Residents or owners of property abutting unimproved streets may provide, at their expense, such dust control measures as may be approved by the director of public works.

(Ord. No. 10832, § 1, 12-16-85)