Section 22-116 Coordination of volunteer efforts.

    The department of public works shall coordinate the work of all volunteers for beautification and maintenance projects.

    (1)    Any city department controlling property, facilities or easements may participate in a volunteer beautification or cleanup program by submitting a description of the property, facility or easement to the director.

    (2)    Volunteers for beautification or cleanup projects shall contact the director in order to participate in beautification or cleanup projects.

    (3)    The director is authorized to establish guidelines and rules for volunteer projects and volunteer conduct and may decline to accept current or future offers of materials or labor from any source.

    (4)    The director shall evaluate all property, facilities, easements and projects submitted for inclusion as volunteer beautification or cleanup projects for suitability as a volunteer project. The director shall consider safety, accessibility, public impact, cost to the city and ultimate benefit of the project in determining which projects are most suitable as volunteer projects.

(Ord. No. 14884 § 1, 6-17-96)