Section 22-119 Volunteer agreements.

    (a) Before any volunteer beautification or cleanup project is accepted by the city, the volunteer or volunteer group shall apply to the director and acknowledge the individual and group responsibilities attendant to the project. The application shall cover the following points:

    (1)    The location and description of the street, right of way, property or equipment site to be adopted or beautified.

    (2)    A plan for the cleanup or beautification, including start date, work schedule, completion date or length of commitment, list of materials or supplies needed, source of the supplies, support required of the city.

    (3)    A plan identifying safety hazards of the project and outlining the safety measures and training to be provided, including a schedule and outline of safety meetings that shall be conducted.

    (4)    Reporting requirements of the volunteers and a plan for meeting those requirements.

    (5)    Identification of volunteers who are responsible and methods to contact these people.

    (6)    A plan for handling materials cleaned up, including recyclables, or materials expended in the case of beautification.

    (7)    A plan for use and return of any city-supplied equipment or materials.

    (b) The city shall support volunteer efforts by:

    (1)    Assisting the volunteer or volunteer groups in creating the plans required by this section.

    (2)    Providing (where applicable) bags, gloves, safety vests and "Volunteers at Work" signs.

    (3)    Arranging for collection and disposal of the material collected.

    (4)    Maintaining records on amounts collected, number of volunteers involved, and hours of service.

    (5)    Providing identification signs to be placed in the adopted area.

    (6)    Assisting the volunteer group in recognizing safety issues and responding to these issues.

    (c) The safety of volunteers participating in cleanup or beautification programs is the responsibility of the individual volunteer and volunteer groups and not the city. Each volunteer shall sign a statement to this effect releasing the city from responsibility for injuries occurring during participation in the program.

(Ord. No. 14884 § 1, 6-17-96)